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2020-2021 SRLS Annual Report

2019-2020 SRLS Annual Report


The Sequoyah Regional Library System is governed by the Regional Library Board of Trustees.

For more information on the operation of the board click here.

Strategic Plan 2019-2021

Goal 1: Communicate

Goal 1: Communicate and promote the library’s story, impact, and what we do.


  1. Share and report success measures through new and innovative ways with staff, trustees and the community.
  2. Create and implement a marketing strategy, focusing on a clear, consistent message and brand.
  3. Continually identify metrics for measuring impact.
  4. Inform staff, trustees, and the community of improvements to facilities, programming, collections, and technology.
Goal 2: Experience

Goal 2: Incorporate user-centered design in our planning and practice to achieve convenient, intuitive, purposeful, and engaging library experiences for our community.


  1. Understand our community, identifying potential areas of growth and possible barriers to library services.
  2. Develop programming and services with clear objectives and outcomes, reflecting the community.
  3. Grow technology that increases digital literacy skills and creativity.
  4. Develop tools and actions that create a convenient library experience for the community.
  5. Expand collection of ‘Library Things’ to promote a shared economy and reflect the needs of the community.
  6. Focus on the browsability of collections through space and selection.
  7. Create flexible spaces that support collaboration and innovation.
  8. Define a customer service model easily identified by staff and patrons.
Goal 3: Engage

Goal 3: Develop strategies and resources to meet and engage with the community outside of library walls.


  1. Develop tools and training that enable staff to be mobile.
  2. Expand 24/7 digital offerings.
  3. Develop outside partnerships that help grow services and programs inside the library.
  4. Define metrics for measuring impact of outreach efforts.
  5. Establish a presence at community events, maximizing library reach into the community.
  6. Recruit non-library groups to promote library resources and services with little or no involvement from library staff.
Goal 4: Organization

Goal 4: Sustain a high performing organization that strives for excellence in operational and fiscal management.


  1. Develop a written personnel classification plan with revised starting salaries for each position reflective of competencies and responsibilities.
  2. Develop and implement a technology use plan, focusing on technology growth, improvement, and sustainability.
  3. Develop and implement a comprehensive staff training plan that supports the strategic priorities and includes a management development component for all leadership positions.
  4. Develop and implement practices to best utilize donations of all size and effort.
  5. Implement partnership agreements with all organizations we work with to develop a clear understanding of shared goals and outcomes.
  6. Implement changes to facilities that incorporate sustainable features, continual improvements and superior maintenance.