As of October 1, 2020 (No, it’s not a trick!), most items checked out from SRLS will renew automatically. The day (1) before items are due our system will check your account for eligible items and renew them as long as your account is in good standing. You will receive a notice of the renewal by email or text.

If something cannot be renewed, you will receive a Friendly Notice after the due date reminding you to return the item(s).

You may also look at your account online or contact your local branch to check on your account.

Which items do not automatically renew?

  • Items that have reached their renewal limit (3 times).
  • Items that have holds (things other patrons are waiting for).
  • Interlibrary Loans.
  • Items that are not eligible for renewal (such as Experience Passes, sewing machines, Makey Makeys, etc.)
  • Downloadable materials (Flipster and Libby).


Frequently Asked Questions

When will my item automatically renew?

The system will attempt to renew your borrowed item one day before the due date. If unsuccessful, you will continue to receive notices about due dates or overdue status.


How will I know if my item was renewed?

You will receive a renewal notice if you receive email or text notifications from SRLS. You can also check your due dates via your online account or by contacting your branch.


Can I try to renew my ineligible items after an unsuccessful attempt?

Yes. The system will automatically attempt to renew your borrowed item one day before the due date. If unsuccessful, you may try again through the catalog, or by reaching out to library staff any time before you return the item.


(If another patron’s hold prevented your item from renewing, and was subsequently cancelled or filled by another copy after the system’s automatic attempt, you may manually renew the item at a later date.)


Why didn’t my items renew?

Items won’t be renewed if:

  • Another patron has requested it
  • The item reached its maximum number of renewals (up to 3 times for most items)
  • Your account is blocked (card expired, fees of $10 or more on your account, etc.).
  • The item is a digital item, such as an eBook or eAudiobook
  • The item type is not eligible for renewals (Library of Things items, Experience Passes, ILLs*, etc.)


*Items borrowed from other libraries are subject to the renewal policies of the lending institution.


Can I opt out of the auto-renewal feature?

No, but you are welcome to return items before their due date.


What will the library do to encourage others to return items?

The library still requires that our patrons return items on time and in good shape. Patrons with an item 30 days overdue will be billed for the replacement cost and will be unable to check out or renew items until the issue is resolved. Patrons will still be held financially responsible for lost and damaged items.

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