The Sequoyah Regional Library System is overseen by the Regional Library Board of Trustees that is composed of nine members from the local county boards. Appointments to the Regional Board includes five members from the Cherokee Board, two members from the Pickens Board and two members from the Gilmer Board.

The County Boards oversee the operations of the local library or libraries and reports to the Regional Board.

The Regional Board is responsible for overseeing the establishment, management, and maintenance of public libraries in the counties of Cherokee, Pickens and Gilmer. The Regional Board also appoints the Director, who administers and coordinates the operation of the library within the basic goals, objectives, policies, and principles approved by the Regional Library Board.


Contact the Board of Trustees

You can access the 2019-2020 Board  Meeting schedule here , and an accessible version here.

Due to the current pandemic, board meetings will be held virtually. Please email for instructions on how to join an upcoming board meeting. Please indicate what board meeting you would like to attend. 


Regional Board

Name     Position        Appointing Agency

Jane Shelnutt, Chair/Cherokee County
Susan White, Vice-Chair/Pickens County
MyKey Cook, Secretary/Gilmer County
Thomas Hill/Cherokee County
Sylvia Teasley/Cherokee County
Winship Durrett/Pickens County
Janet Belote/Cherokee County
Bonny Spears/Cherokee County
Paul Nealey/Gilmer County



Cherokee Board

Name     Position        Appointing Agency

Jane Shelnutt, Chair/County
Thomas Hill, Vice-Chair/County
Sylvia Teasley/City-Canton
Bonny Spears/City-Holly Springs
Mary Johnston/City-Woodstock
Janet Belote/City-Waleska
Pamela Carnes/County
Rebecca Johnston/County
Sharon Morse/City-Ball Ground
Eric Rein/County
Hugh Beavers/County



Pickens Board

Name     Position        Appointing Agency

Valerie Skibicki, Chair/County
Susan White, Vice-Chair/County
Ann Roper, Secretary/City-Jasper
LeeAnna Spiva/County
Bill Miller/County
Bobbie Edge/City-Jasper
Winship Durrett/County
Nancy Hammer/County
Kayla Hollifield/City-Talking Rock



Gilmer Board

Name     Position        Appointing Agency

Paul Nealey, Chair/County
Jody Holmes Henry, Vice-Chair/Board of Education
MyKey Cook, Secretary/City-East Ellijay
Lynne Pritchett/Board of Education
Kent Sanford/City-Ellijay
Linda Wright/City-East Ellijay
Amy Sanford/City-Ellijay
Jerry Johnson/County
Shay Lykins/County

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