General Fees
Late fees – most items $ .20 per day per item
Late fees – GA State Parks and Historic Sites Pass $1.00 per day
Late fees – Zoo Pass, Go Fish Pass, Passport to Puppetry $3.00 per day
Photocopies – B&W $ .15 per page
Photocopies – Color $1.00 per page
Fax $1.00 per page (send or receive)
Laminating $ .50 per running foot
Replace Library Card $1.00 per instance
Non-resident use fee $35 per year
 Proctoring  $20 per test
Replacement Fees for Print Materials  
Full replacement cost will be charged for any periodicals or cataloged materials that are overdue for 30 days or damaged to an extent that they have to be replaced.  The borrower may keep any damaged materials for which full replacement cost has been paid. If a lost item is found and returned to the Library within 180 days from the due date, in a similar condition as when borrowed, the replacement charge will be voided and the maximum late charge reinstated. The Library does not accept materials the patron has purchased in lieu of payment.
Books – Adult
Books – Juvenile
$30 each
$25 each
“Trade” Paperbacks (these are higher quality, often over-sized paperbound titles) $15 each
Paperbacks (these are relatively inexpensive “beach read” sized books often found at supermarkets and drug stores) $5 each
Magazines $5 each
Board Books $5 each
Maps $2 each
Pamphlets $1 each

Replacement for Lost or Irreparably Damaged Passes

GA State Parks and Historic Sites Pass $100.00 ($50.00 Georgia State Park Pass, $50.00 Georgia Historic Sites Pass)
GA Public Libraries Passport to Puppetry $50.00
Zoo Pass $30.00
Go Fish Family Pass $50.00

Replacement for Audio-Visual materials*If a patron loses a cassette or CD from an audio book, the cassette or CD is replaced immediately. Thus, the patron will not receive a refund for the CD or cassette if found at a later date.

Audio Books- $8 per disc or cassette, up to $45
DVDs- $10 per title
VHS Tapes- $5 per title
Music CDs- $15 per title
Software- $5 per title
Video / Audio case- $3 per item
Audio bag- $1 per item
Kit- charges vary according to contents of kit

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