Blast off with our Summer Reading Program!

Visit your local library for a summer filled with fun, games, and hundreds of family-friendly events, all completely free! Adults, teens, and children can pick up a summer reading log and complete literacy activities at the library to win fabulous prizes! The fun begins on May 24 and goes all through the end of July! Join us for an unforgettable summer filled with A Universe of Stories

Have you been putting off visiting your library because of fines? Sequoyah Regional Library System is going fine-free to celebrate the Summer Reading Program. From May 24 through July 30, items returned to the library will not have overdue fines. Some fines may be excluded. Ask library staff for details.


Adult Literacy Activities

Complete ten literacy activities from this list. Visit your local Sequoyah Regional Library System branch to pick up a Summer Reading Program log, and mark the activities you’ve completed. Turn in a completed log to receive a prize (while supplies last)!


Reading Challenges

  1. An alternate history novel
  2. A humor book
  3. A book of manga
  4. A cozy mystery
  5. A fiction book set in or about space
  6. A book in which an animal or inanimate object is a point-of-view character
  7. A book by a Georgia author
  8. A children’s classic published before 1970
  9. A book about nature
  10. A celebrity memoir
  11. A book being made into a movie in 2019
  12. A self-improvement book
  13. A book translated to English
  14. A western
  15. A book with an ugly cover
  16. A magazine
  17. A non-fiction book about space
  18. A book about a true crime
  19. A childhood classic you’ve never read
  20. A book about or involving a sport
  21. A book set on a different planet
  22. A historical romance
  23. A business book
  24. A graphic novel not published by Marvel or DC
  25. A book that is guaranteed to bring you joy
  26. A book about a road trip
  27. A book with a protagonist who has your occupation
  28. A book that takes place during the summer
  29. A book about books, libraries or bookstores


Activity Challenges

  1. Read a book to a child
  2. Download an eBook from Libby/Overdrive
  3. Check out the Georgia Park Pass 2019 and visit a state park
  4. Ask about/use Flipster to check out a digital magazine
  5. Suggest a library program that you would like to attend
  6. Visit the library

Teen Literacy Activities
Complete a literacy activity from this list. Visit your local Sequoyah Regional Library System
branch to pick up a Summer Reading Program log, and cross off the activities you’ve completed
on the “BINGO” board in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. Turn in a completed log to
receive a prize (while supplies last)!
01. Attend a library program.
02. Read out loud to someone.
03. Watch a movie.
04. Do something nice for someone else.
05. Listen to an audiobook.
06. Turn in a teen event idea.
07. Prepare something from a recipe.
08. Read a non-fiction book.
09. Write a book or movie review.
10. Read a book recommended by a friend.
11. Write a poem to yourself.
12. Recommend a book to a friend.
13. Read a graphic novel.
14. Make an art or craft project.
15. Memorize a quote from your favorite book.


Youth Literacy Activities

Complete an age-appropriate literacy activity from this list. Visit your local Sequoyah Regional Library System branch to pick up a Summer Reading Program log, and enter the activities you’ve completed on the backside. You may do an activity as many times as you wish. Turn in a completed log to receive a prize (while supplies last)!


  1. Visit the library.
  2. Read a bedtime story.
  3. Read a book of your choice.
  4. Check out one of the library’s Experience Passes.
  5. Read an animal book and make animal sounds together.
  6. Use Play-Doh to make shapes or letters.
  7. Follow a recipe to make your favorite snack with your child.
  8. Play “guess what.” Give your child simple clues to guess familiar objects.
  9. Use shaving cream as finger paint and have your child draw letters and shapes.
  10. Put a puzzle together.
  11. Read a children’s magazine; check your local library for current and back issues.
  12. Check out a STEAM kit from the library.
  13. Play word games that encourage your child to learn sounds. For example, “I spy with my little eye… something beginning with d-d-d. What do you think I’m looking at that starts with that sound?”
  14. Make and illustrate an alphabet book.
  15. Read outside.
  16. Sing the traditional ABC song with your child, then change the tune to “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”
  17. Read a book and ask questions about the action in the pictures before reading the text. Ask, “What do you think happens?”
  18. Listen to a book on CD or download an eBook or audiobook.
  19. Read a TumbleBook from the library. See library staff for instructions.
  20. Create a list of your 10 favorite books and share it with your librarian.
  21. Read the first book in a series.
  22. Write a new ending for a story you have read or a movie you have seen.
  23. Draw a picture of the main character of a book you’ve read.
  24. Write a bucket list of activities that you think would make a perfect summer vacation.
  25. Check out a book on display at your library.
  26. Draw a picture based on the title of a book.
  27. Read a book aloud to someone.
  28. Play a board game outside.
  29. Read under the kitchen table.
  30. Read to your pet.
  31. Read in the bathtub – no water, just blankets and pillows.
  32. Read a book you love AGAIN!
  33. Help someone at home write a grocery list, then help shop for those items.
  34. Turn out the lights and read by flashlight.
  35. Download a book from Overdrive or Libby. See library staff for details.
  36. Write a book recommendation for a friend.
  37. Read a non-fiction book and share two facts you learned with a family member or friend.
  38. Select a picture book. You read a page and someone at home reads a page. Take turns throughout the book.
  39. Build a fort out of blankets and pillows and read in it.
  40. Create a book jacket for a book.
  41. Take a selfie with your favorite book and bring it to the library.
  42. Record a “commercial” about a book on a cell phone and send it to us at:
  43. Read a GA Picture Book or Chapter Book Award nominee from any year.
  44. Create your own comic strip at
  45. Read a book by a Georgia author.
  46. Read a book and then watch its movie.
  47. Rewrite your favorite fairytale with a different ending.
  48. Finish a book series.
  49. Attend a summer program at the library.
  50. Turn in your literacy log to your library.

Summer Reading Partnership

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