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We offer proctoring services (for a fee) to learners and working professionals at all locations. To schedule an appointment, contact the location of your choice. SRLS is not responsible for mailed, faxed, or emailed exams not received by the college, institution or business.

Proctoring Fee:

$20.00 Per Test, payment due before testing, must be cash or card.

SRLS Proctors agree to:

  • Verify the student’s identity with a photo ID.

  • Supervise the exam by having the student take the test in a study room or table near their desk. There might not be a private testing area available.

  • Provide space for test-taking. However, there may not be a separate study room available.

  • Sign paperwork and seal the envelope of the finished exam and call for it to be picked up.

    • Staff will not deliver exams to the post office or Fedex/UPS store.

    • Staff will not provide letters or telephone calls to the school to confirm receipt.

  • A reply to an exam received by email will serve as confirmation and receipt.

    • SRLS proctors are not responsible for keeping copies of completed exams.

  • Provide a computer to complete most online testing.

    • SRLS accepts no responsibility for internet connections and outages that may occur.

    • We cannot install any software on our computers. Tests must be completely web-based.

The test taker agrees to:

  • Contact the library to schedule an exam with the Public Service Specialist.

    • Appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance.

    • Proctoring is available only during regular hours when sufficient staff is available.

    • Tests must be completed 30 minutes prior to closing.

  • Verify with library staff that the library and proctor meet the requirements of the school/institution.

  • Verify that the physical environment at the library meets your test-taking needs.

  • Pay proctoring fees in cash or by credit card before the test can be taken.

  • Pay fee for each individual test, including retaking a test.

  • Provide photo identification to verify identity before taking the test.

  • Pay for postage and other expenses incurred, such as photocopying or printing.

    • Copying/printing: $0.15 per page.

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