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Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Goal 1:

Increase our outreach efforts to link the library and the community it serves, by forming strong connections with organizations and increasing visibility at local activities. 



  • Establish the position of an Outreach Manager.

  • Identify opportunities for exposure of library resources and services through outreach activities. 

  • Increase off-site programming. 

  • Maximize and increase outreach tools. 

Goal 2:

Reach community members who do not use the library and increase library card holders

in our service population.



  • Increase external marketing efforts, identifying new ways to reach non-card holders. 

  • Identify services which appeal to non-card holders. 

  • Increase library card holders to 40% of our service population.

Goal 3:

Establish the library as a community gathering place for all community members.



  • Invite entities to join us in our spaces through programming and partnership.

  • Streamline the process for outside entities to utilize library space. 

  • Create library spaces that invite and encourage collaboration and gathering. 

Goal 4:

Leverage library stories.



  • Refine patron library story feedback process to provide more useful information that can be used in marketing.

  • Highlight user stories to stakeholders and the community in creative and impactful ways. 

  • Work with public-facing staff to evaluate strategies to gather impactful patron stories.

Goal 5:

Align the Library’s efforts with the ongoing growth and progress of our community. 



  • Develop tools to gather feedback from the community. 

  • Work with professionals to identify growth and potential. 

  • Establish a personnel plan that supports the dynamic community growth. 

  • Establish a long term plan, forecasting at least 10 years.

Goal 6:

Foster active and open communications with local leaders.



  • Improve relationships with local funding agencies. 

  • Maintain an awareness of city and county efforts and programs through establishing regular communication.

  • Actively look to identify ways in which the Library could play a role in promoting or facilitating city and county efforts and programs.

  • Invite local officials to library events and programming.

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